SOUL * BLACK MOVIE * ブラックムービー



ブラジル映画カポエイラ伝説の男ビゾウロを描いた作品が映画部門の大賞を受賞。その他、LA出身の元ラッパーのエヴァ・デュヴルネの初の長編映画で、サリ・リチャードソンが出演(上のオマリ・ハードウィックが相手役!)の「I Will Follow / 日本未公開 (2011)」が初監督賞を受賞。また、先日ジェイミー・フォックスが広報に加わる事が発表された「Thunder Soul / 日本未公開 (2010)が、最優秀ドキュメンタリー部門を受賞(詳しくは映画秘宝の1月号を参照されたし)。

  • Honorable Mention: /佳作
    • The Athlete (Atletu) (Ethiopia), directed by Davey Frankel & Rasselas Lakew
  • Honorable Mention: /佳作
    • War Don Don (USA), directed by Rebecca Richman Cohen
  • Best Short Film (Narrative Short) /最優秀ショート作品
    • The Abyss Boys (South Africa), directed by Jan-Hendrik Beetge
  • Honorable Mention: /佳作
    • Hear Me (USA), directed by Kenn Michael
  • Honorable Mention: /佳作
    • Hopeville (South Africa), directed by John Trengove
  • Audience Award Narrative Feature /観客作品賞
    • The First Grader (Kenya/UK), directed by Justin Chadwick
  • Audience Award Documentary Feature Film (Documentary Feature) /観客ドキュメンタリー賞
    • Gang Girl: A Mother’s Journey to Save her Daughter (USA), directed by Valerie Goodloe
  • Audience Award Short Film /観客ショート作品賞
    • The Black Mozart in Cuba (Guadeloupe), directed by Steve James
  • Pan African Film Festival Board of Directors Awards /パン・アフリカン映画祭取締役賞部門
  • Best Short Film /最優秀ショート作品賞
    • Precipice (UK), directed by Julius Amedume
  • Best Documentary Film /最優秀ドキュメンタリー賞
    • The Manuscripts of Timbuktu (South Africa), directed by Zola Maseko
  • Best Feature Film (Best Feature Narrative) /最優秀作品賞
    • Viva Riva! (DRCongo/France/Belgium/South Africa), directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga
  • Honorable Mention: /佳作
    • The Child, (Nigeria), directed by Izu Ojukwu
    • The Figurine (Nigeria), directed by Kunle Afolayan
  • Pan African Film Festival-British Academy of Film and Television Arts/LA (BAFTA/LA) /パン・アフリカ映画祭&英国アカデミー
  • Festival Choice Award /チョイス賞
    • I Sing of a Well (Ghana), directed by Leila DjansiThe 2011 Pan African Film Festival is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, the Los Angeles County Arts Fund, Macy’s, Wells Fargo Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and the Africa Channel.